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Tapahtumalaite Oy

We offer primarily professional kitchen machines to companies. We also offer equipment for rent: professional kitchen -, refrigeration - and snack food - machines to be used at different events, festivals or just restaurant in need of our equipments, for company and consumer use.

Tapahtumalaite Oy was originally founded in 2009 as a tradename. The corporation changed to Limited company in 2015.

Our mechanics install and repair kitchen -, refrigeration -, and snack food -machines as experts with experience.

There is no registration to be able to do business in our website. We reply to messages and emails as soon as possible, usually in the same day.

If needed we also reply outside business hours.

  • ID: 2728449-6
  • VAT: FI27284496
  • MAIN number: +358 1057 11 330
  • MAIN email: tapahtumalaite ( ät ) tapahtumalaite . fi
  • Installation and maintenance number: +358 1057 11 331
  • Installation and maintenance email: huolto ( ät ) tapahtumalaite . fi

Visiting and freight address:

Tapahtumalaite Oy
Oivaltajantie 1 B 5
60100 Seinäjoki

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Mailing address:

Tapahtumalaite Oy
Huuhkajantaival 12 B 5
60200 Seinäjoki

We accept also electronic invoices

E-invoicing address: 003727284496
Operator: Maventa
Operator ID: 003721291126
PDF invoices: invoice-27284496@kollektor.fi

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